Robert R. Cargill. Photo by Nicole Ooi.
Robert R. Cargill. Photo by Nicole Ooi.

Dr. Robert R. Cargill is Assistant Professor of Classics and Religious Studies at The University of Iowa. Dr. Cargill teaches biblical studies, Hellenistic Judaism, archaeology, and digital humanities, and has appeared on CNN, History, Discovery, Nat Geo, Weather Channel and other networks, where he hosts shows like NatGeo’s “Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls”, appears in series like CNN’s “Finding Jesus” and History’s “Ancient Aliens”, and served as a producer and contributor for History’s “Bible Secrets Revealed”. He was the Consulting Scholar on Bill O’Reilly’s NatGeo movie “Killing Jesus”, and is the author of the HarperCollins book, “Cities that Built the Bible,” and of “Qumran through (Real) Time.”

Dr. Cargill earned his Associates degree from Fresno City College, a Bachelors of Science in human physiology from Fresno State, a Master of Science and a Master of Divinity from Pepperdine University, and a Master of Arts and his PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from UCLA. Each summer he leads Iowa students on an archaeological excavation at Tel Azekah, Israel. He presently resides in Iowa City, Iowa with his wife, Roslyn, and his five children: a daughter, Talitha; a son, MacLaren; fraternal twins – a son, Quincy; and a daughter, Rory Kate; and a son, Judah. He is a Mensan and a Rotarian and spends much of his spare time computing, reading, writing, traveling, and changing diapers.

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